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DDoS Protection


AutoVM makes use of Anti-DDoS Pro and Game Anti-DDoS provided by OVH. This gives your servers the best protection against DDoS attacks that’s currently available without adding any latency to your connection. OVH’s Anti-DDoS system has a capacity of around 4 TBps, enough to block even the largest attacks.

To protect your games OVH introduced Game Anti-DDoS, specifically designed to protect your games against Layer 7 DoS attacks that will e.g. crash the server or prevents the game from being played in a normal way in any other way. Attackers are constantly searching for new methods to take down the competition. Anybody can start a DDoS attack these days which is why unprotected hosting is no longer an option.

Here at AutoVM we have a lot of experience when it comes to cybersecurity and DDoS attacks. We’ve been hosting games and still host online games for the past 10 years and preventing damage caused by DDoS attacks became part of our daily routine. We want to share that experience with you! There is not a single protection out there that covers 100% of the attacks by default. Sometimes custom work is required to prevent malicious traffic from reaching your services. Here at AutoVM we can help you out with that as well on a best effort basis.

DDoS Control Panel

Some time ago we introduced our new DDoS Control Panel. From now on every VPS or every Game VDS comes with this control panel by default which means you can enable or disable protection or add custom firewall rules to match your needs. This is even more flexible because adjustments can be made in seconds and don’t require you to open a support ticket.

Below is a screenshot of our IP manager. Every Game VDS is equipped with a Network Firewall and Game Firewall, every VPS is equipped with the Network Firewall only.

As you can see this panel also allows you to modify your reverse DNS plus it allows you to enable permanent mitigation which might be useful in the event where you get a lot of attacks each day. Normally the Anti-DDoS takes a few seconds to analyze the traffic and kick in, which can give you a lag spike for that moment, you can prevent this by enabling permanent mitigation.

In the event of an attack you will get notified by email as well which can be enabled or disabled within the same IP manager. You can even get notifications to Discord.

The firewall can be used to specify which incoming or outgoing traffic is allowed or not. You can specify ports, protocols, PERMIT or DENY and you can specify up to 19 rules per IP.

Games usually require specific protection as a lot of providers have protection against bandwidth attacks these days, attackers are launching more sophisticated attacks which are usually low in bandwidth but take down your service by sending malicious packets, usually called a DoS (Denial of Service) attack. This intelligent (Layer 7) attacks become more common these days.

Our control panel allows you to add pre-defined rules for the most popular online games. See below screenshot for an example.


So get your Game VDS or VPS today. OVH’s Anti-DDoS Pro and Anti-DDoS Game combined with our own experience will guarantee you’ll get the best protection out there with the lowest price possible.