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Terms of service

  • We have a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you want a refund just because you didn’t have any coffee this morning it’s good enough for us.

  • If you are not statisfied about anything please let us know and we’ll figure it out.

    Customer statisfaction is our number #1 goal. We know there are lots of cowboys out there providing VPS services, we are not one of them. We do this for fun in the first place and want to make you feel great about our services. We will go to great lengths to make you happy. We’ve dealt with a lot of hosting providers in the past ourselves and learned from their mistakes.

  • We have no limitations in what you can run on your server as long as it doesn’t have any criminal intend like phising, malware, ddos services etc. or things that can be abused easily like public dns servers, open e-mail relays, tor exit nodes etc.

    We feel that anyone who wants to host their own server or service should have common sense about what’s ok and what’s not. We’re not going to babysit our clients however, you are responsible for what you are running.

  • All of our resources are guaranteed so if you want to do some kind of machine learning or crypto mining feel free to do so. There are no limitations in hardware resources you’ve payed for.

  • Bandwidth is shared among all clients, for most services it’s unmetered but this doesn’t mean unlimited so you can’t use the full bandwidth available 24/7. The general rule is, as long as it doesn’t bother any other customers it’s ok. Again, common sense takes a big role here.

  • Whenever malware is found on your VPS (we don’t have access to your server but usually we’ll get an external report) we’ll immediately suspend your server and close your account.

    Any open month will be refunded. There is no debate possible whether the malware is your fault or not, if it’s not it means you’re not suitable to host internet services, if it is you’ve violated the ToS so either way you are out. There is absolutley zero room for discussion when our services get abused.

    In the event of intended fraud we will also report you to fraudlabs and any malware found will be sent to the respective authorities for further investigation. We don’t make jokes about this! Malware and DDoS attacks are big problems today and we don’t want us or our customers to have any part in it.